About Us


QSTOVES is the leader in eco-friendly, sustainable, non-fossil fuels based heating.  We are the innovators in pellet driven technology that enables better heating for recreation and emergency services.

QSTOVES strives to be the most economically efficient device, requiring the least fuel of any other stove/heater on the market.  We are energy grid-free and carbon-neutral, leaving no footprint.

QSTOVES will continue to be the leader in ethical heating, responsible efficiency and design both now and into the future.

How QSTOVES Got Its Start

In 2011, while working as GM at the local Grange, Linzi Hare was approached by Kevin Wu (who literally walked through the front door of the business) about a truly unique, never seen before design. Kevin had designed a concept of an outdoor heater that was for use off grid.  He explained that it needed no electricity and used wood pellets and got really hot.  Linzi was highly intrigued and saw great potential in Kevin’s original design (the Q01).  They both agreed that this needed to be shown to the world.  As Linzi and Kevin collaborated further, they created a model that had gone through multiple iterations and designs, using unique and scientific equations.  That collaboration brought forth the latest model… The Q-Flame 5.

Since then, QSTOVES has grown to a world-wide recognized company that has been awarded for its design, efficiency, and overall experience.  Michael joined QSTOVES as a passionate supporter first, then later as a Sales and Marketing leader.  Today, QSTOVES is the leader in outdoor heating technology and holds numerous international patents for gravity fed wood pellet stoves.  Needless to say, there is no other like the Q-FLAME.  QSTOVES and its products are now sold all over the world and continue to grow simply by word of mouth and good reputation.

We are here to help answer all questions.  Our ever-expanding staff are educated to give you the best answers on best practices all the way to what you need to get started.  Let us help you.  Feel free to call us at (425) 698-1328


Kevin Wu, President, Founder and Designer

Linzi Hare, Vice President, Founder and Design Engineer