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FAQ-Q-Flame Wood Pellet Patio Heater

by USQstoves 17 Jan 2023 0 Comments

FAQ / Best Practices


Q1: Why is my stove not getting as hot as it says it can? How do I reach maximum heat output?

A: Using the pick tool provided, insert into the chromed eyelet just beneath the door and mildly shake the shaft, thus causing the wood pellets to level out and burn extremely hot. You must make sure the lower air intake damper (this has a chrome eyelet too) is wide open (adjusted to the middle from left to right). Use the pick tool to handle all metal parts.

You should start to see a jet/rocket style flame. You can also reach through the door vents to stir the embers to agitate the fire. It is highly advised that you use soft wood pellets (Douglas Fir or Pine); they have the highest heat output. Hard wood pellets do work but are best for cooking and do not always reach the maximum potential that softwood pellets can. Remember that fire is a living element that requires attention

*HOWEVER, if you only have hardwood pellets, you can achieve a high burn temp with more human attention. Make sure to shake the great well, while in use, so that the heavy ash content of the hardwood will drop into the lower tray.

This will open the airway for the stove to breathe well.

**Make sure your air intake damper is properly installed at the base of the stove. This means the chrome rod needs to be installed to the left of the stop at the base under the stove!


Q2: I feed both hoppers in full at same time, but pellets in one hopper burn faster than another. Why?

A: The Q-Flame is designed symmetrically, so theoretically the two hoppers will feed pellets evenly. But because wind/airflow is from different directions, sometimes wood pellets burn faster in one hopper than another. So please keep an eye on the unit and make sure to add pellets when the hopper is in low position.


Q3: How do I stabilize my Q-Flame more?

A: We understand that high wind or a heavy nudge can destabilize the balance of the stove. We suggest using the holes in the feet to screw down to the surface you are using it on. Another suggestion is to get a 2′ x 2′ piece of plywood and center the stove on it and screw the tap holes of the feet into it.


Q4: My pellets got wet, can I still use them?

A: This is a big “no”; wet pellets can jam the chamber and the feed will stop. Always store your pellets in a dry place.


Q5: Do you ship overseas and to Post Office boxes?

A: Yes, we’ll ship your package anywhere that can accept deliveries. Please include phone number and full address.

Shipping can be higher for remote deliveries. We will give you an accurate quote prior to purchase.


Q6: Do you have customer service?

A: Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service reps are available to answer your questions. Email us at or call (425) 689-1328.


Q7: Is the Q-FLAME safe to use on my deck?

A: Yes, the QSTOVE is safe to use on most any deck because heat is not generated at the base. We sell silicone mat if you want to maintain a clean surface.


Q8: How hot does the Q-FLAME get?

A: The max peak temperature can reach as high as 1400 degrees Fahrenheit on the body of the stove.


Q9: Can I use the Q-FLAME if it’s raining?

A: Yes, it works well and keeps most of the area around it dry because of its convective heat radius. Water will evaporate quickly on its surface. Make sure to not let any water into the hoppers.


Q10: Can the Q-FLAME oxidize/rust?

A: Like any product made of metal, there is always the ability to oxidize. We recommend covering or storing the unit out of the weather when not in use. We offer very high quality, attractive, formal fit covers for just this reason. The good news is that high temp black paint can be sprayed over the rusty surface. Allow to cure again, just like the first burn.


Q11: Why is there smoke coming from the hoppers?9

A: Congratulations, you got the stove really hot and it’s doing its job. Now you need to cool the hoppers off. Best thing to do is open the inner lids that touch the chimney. This will allow the hoppers to get cool air to them. You might also want to stir the pellets in the hoppers with the pick tool. The pellets that are in contact with that inside wall are getting too hot.


Q12: How far away should items be from the Q-FLAME?

A: Minimum distance should be at least 3 feet; according to code. We advise that folks use good judgment and keep all dangerous or flammable items away period.


Q13: I have a low hanging fabric awning, can the chimney be lowered to use underneath?

A: Yes, the chimney is adaptable to most any height and works best if in full extension of pieces given in the kit.

However, you can adjust accordingly to the height of your awning. Again, use good judgment and follow the code of minimum distance of 3 feet from the top of the reflector disc to the bottom of the lowest part of the awning.


Q14: How do I clean the Q-FLAME?

A: You can clean easily with a standard garden hose, then high pressure air hose and/or whisk broom. The QFLAME also has the built in ash collector drawer for easy dispensing of the minimal ash content (good for your garden). Annually, you can also add mild soap to clean, just remember to thoroughly dry to prevent oxidization. If metal is exposed, you can always use high temp black paint to cover.


Q15: Will the Q-FLAME work on a screened in patio?

A: Yes, exceptionally well. Since it is an open screened patio, it is safe and has the air needed to breathe and diffuse the exhaust cleanly and efficiently.


Q16: Upon completion of the use of the pellets, why does it smoke a little at the end?

A: During the end phase/smoldering (when pellets turn out), there is not enough air draw and this will create a less efficient burn and smoke will appear. It is minimal and will stop once burned out. This is especially evident if you are using HARDWOOD pellets.


Q17: Does the Q-FLAME keep bugs away?

A: Yes, simply add a citronella candle and/or spent coffee ground and dried bay leaves inside the unit and pests stay away.


Q18: Where are QSTOVES made?

A: The Q-Flame is designed and engineered in the WA USA with manufacturing processes done in China.


Q19: Does the Q-FLAME work indoors?

A: At this time, we do not recommend this to be used indoors where it is completely enclosed. We are developing a unit specifically for indoor home use. Stay tuned!


Q20: Can I burn regular wood in it?

A: The Q-FLAME can burn most any fuel, however it is designed to burn best with soft wood pellets for best results.

In case of emergency and no pellets are available, simply use the wood you have and break it down as small as possible to feed through the front door. Do not put it into hoppers as they may clog. You can also install a 3 way “T” in the lower sections of the chimney. Drop small pieces of wood and pine cones into the front port of the 3 way T, for best results, put a cover over the open port.


Q21: Can I burn rice or corn pellets in it?

A: Again, you can burn many fuels in it, but these tend to leave sticky residue build up. Do you really want to clean that?


Q22: Can I use this in a burn ban?

A: Always check with your local fire station and follow the rules. We really don’t want you to get in trouble. In most cases you can use it during a ban. Use common sense. 

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