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A more efficient alternative to outdoor propane, electric heaters and campfires. It’s portable and can travel with you. Camping, Hunting, RVing or at home on the patio you will have hours of cost effective heat and simple controls to operate. QSTOVES also leaves no trace unlike campfires and does not use heavy tanks to refuel or exchange like propane. Use QSTOVES for a quiet evening or in emergency situations when you are forced out of your home.

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  • 106,000 BTU w/ 10ft. heating radius
  • Double hopper holds 20 lbs. of wood pellets with a 3-4 hour burn time per load
  • Heavy gauge high temp coated steel construction
  • Portable, easy to carry
  • Heats from top to bottom, evenly
  • High temp German glass viewing window
  • Best quality German flat paint exterior
  • Adjustable feet for all surfaces
  • Easy assembly with detailed instructions
  • Engineered to burn clean and smoke free
  • Carbon-neutral, leaves little to no waste.
  • Capable of year-round use, exceeds most burning and air quality laws.

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Weight 1056 oz
Dimensions 17 × 25 × 30 in

6 reviews for Q-FLAME 05

  1. Ted Chambers

    I was skeptical at first and didn’t get the heat I thought it would… then went back and read the directions and realized it was all about the adjustments. Wow, couldn’t believe the heat once I got it figured out. I called in to tell them how good my experience was and they were stellar in response and offered other tips. Going to try their bbq accessory next. Thanks Linzi and Michael for your help

    • qstoves8

      Ted, so glad we could help. We are very passionate about the Q-Flames abilities. Yes, it can take a bit of tinkering to perfect, but once you do, its amazing. Let us know how you do with the BBQ (hint: its a great cold smoker too).

  2. Al Emberton

    I was a bit skeptical at first, as the heat just wasn’t as advertised. I reached out and spoke with Linzi and Michael who advised me on best practices (and of course they were in the instructions, duh). Wow, the heat was better than described, once I figured it out. Amazing product, cannot wait to try the BBQ.

    • qstoves8

      Hello Al, You sound just like another satisfied customer we just spoke with. It makes us happy that you’re getting better than expected results. Call us to order the bbq or any other accessory. Yes, directions do help… we all want to get to the good stuff quickly and the instructions do help. Thank you for your quality and feedback.

  3. Justin

    I got it to glow red like the video and it made a dry area around it on my concrete patio. Sitting next to this is way better than propane any day of the week.

  4. Scott

    Cool product, although there was a learning curve. I wasn’t getting it very hot. I called the company and Michael walked me through. Turns out I was drawing air through the front grate rather than through the bottom. After about 10 minutes there were flames coming out of the top of the stack! My one complaint was that it got a bit too hot and put a slight warp in one of the top cover doors. I’ll have to play with it to learn to find the medium ground with the damper. What was really cool is that I ran it for over an hour, filled the hopper twice, but there was almost no ash in the tray below- it burns clean!

  5. Don

    Love the unit, it is light and easy to move to where I want it, Easy to light and start, puts out loads of heat. May take it on trips with us for camping. Fits nice on our deck so we can have warmth when it is cooling off.

  6. MasterW

    This wood pellet heater is the one kicking out most BTUs I’ve ever been using. Double heat output than the propane ones, and further more, it heats from head to toe and keep me warm all night long with a single load of 20 lbs wood pellets! Great product!! Just remember to use correct pellet fuel, soft wood pellets like Douglas Fir is the best choice for heat output. I called the company and the staff is very helpful.
    and It’s unbelievable i can convert it to a BBQ so quickly and easy! Amazing!!! I strongly recommend this product.

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