The all stainless-steel Q-FLASK is the perfect addition to the Q-FLAME as it can heat up 3/4 gallon of liquid, safely and efficiently.  It has a safety reticulating latch that newer boils over, the Q-FLASK provides hot water on demand.  Typically water is “hot-ready” within 5 minutes of contact with the stove.  With an ergonomical design that wraps itself around the Q-FLAME, the Q-FLASK cradles the heat from the stove as it saves space too. Looks and feels like an old chest pocket flask.  Enjoy.

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• All-Stainless-steel construction

• Holds 3/4 gallon of liquid

• Reticulating safety lid

• Anti-over boiling saftey latch

• Weighs 10lbs

• Curved design for even heating


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