QBQ (Barbecue, BBQ)


Enjoy this highly agile barbecue-accessory add on for the Q-Flame. By removing the chimney, the QBQ installs to make the Q-Flame 05 a barbecue.  The QBQ is great for camping, hunting, fishing and home use.  Guess what?  It even works as a smoker:  Simply use flavored or smoker hardwood pellets, and Voila!  you can now smoke your favorite foods.  See our best practices page for this little wonder.

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• All steel high quality construction

• Easy two step install

• Chrome grill rack

• Heat dissipating deflector plates ensures even heating for best BBQ taste

• With pellets at smolder, makes an excellent smoker 

• Useful for off grid or emergency preparedness

• Excellent BBQ results and taste, rivaling the best BBQs on the market

• Best with hardwood or smoker pellets


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