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Q-Flame®    by, QSTOVES

Portable heat for a tenth of the cost of propane, producing 3X the heat.


Q-FLAME vs Propane



Hot water on demand.  This aesthetically well-designed flask is all stainless steel and will hold a half gallon. Great for camping, fishing, hunting and the patio.

Q-Hopper Extenders

Want to have long-term, continuous heat?  We got you covered with the Q-Hopper Extenders.  Gives minimally 8-20 hours of pellet feeding.  Rest well and never get up again at night to fuel the fire.

QBQ & Smoker

Replace the chimney with this QBQ attachment to turn your heat source into a BBQ by adding in ‘cooking’ pellets.  Also, you can get the QBQ started, blow out the flame and let it smolder for a cold smoke. Steak pictured was smoked for several hours and then seared.  We almost ate before ewe could get the picture!



Keep loved ones and pets or patrons at a safe distance.  This gate is stylish, functional and comes ready-staked to be inserted into the ground.  Peace of mind and safety.


Protect and cover any surface or help stabilize a loose surface under your Q-Flame.  Mat is constructed of high-temp-resistant silicone that can be branded or printed to your tase.

Formal Fit Cover

Cover your Q-Flame form the elements, when not in use.  Looks great and keeps you covered.  Cover has room to allow accessories to be covered inside.