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12 Inch Auto-Rotating Qubestove Pizza Oven

12 Inch Auto-Rotating Qubestove Pizza Oven

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With QubeStove, the world's first rotating pizza oven and stove-in-one, you can enjoy outdoor cooking like never before. 565°C of blazing heat lies beneath this dynamically sculpted stainless steel, ready to cook a mouthwatering pizza in just 90 seconds. Enjoy the ability to cook in more than one way. Grilled meats, stir-fried vegetables, or roasted marshmallows - the possibilities are endless. Gooey cheese, bubbling tomato sauce, and a crispy yet tender crust will make your pizzas perfect. 

Fire up with wood or gas to cook. Designed, engineered, and crafted to bring insatiable heat. With amazing versatility and incredible innovation, the QubeStove is a pizza oven of its own class.

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