Qatoves 16/12inch Pizza Oven Instructions


Box Contents
  • Pellet Burner OR
  • Propane Burner (depending on your purchase)
  • Oven & Oven Door
  • Chimney
  • Stone
  • Electric Motor (Optional)
  • Cover (Optional)
  • Pizza Cutter (Optional)

Pellet Burner
  • Remove from plastic and foam
  • Pick tool: used for shaking the burn tray, opens/closes hopper and ash door
  • Handle with hooks will connect to keyholes
  • Ash Drawer: underneath pellet burner; pick tool end opens/closes ash drawer

Pellet Lighting

  • Visually inspect down the round hole to ensure burn tray is free of obstructions
  • Open hopper door using pick tool; insert pointed end in hopper door and twist
  • tool to open
  • Load pellets to top of hopper drawer – do not overfill
  • Insert lit fire/flame starter into the round hole on top; starter will fall on top of
  • pellets in drawer; allow approximately ten (10) minutes to fully catch fire
  • To raise temperature and clear ash from burn tray: insert pick tool through ash
  • drawer with pick on side (parallel to floor); turn for pick to go straight up; drop 

    handle down; push back and forth to shake burn tray; allows ash to settle into ash drawer/tray

  • Install handle: insert hooks into keyhole on each side; lift to carry; always rest handle toward hopper side *CAUTION: potential to become hot if handle rested on ash drawer side*

Propane Burner

  • Remove from box, plastic, and foam; place bottom foam section on flat surface; remove top foam section
  • CONTENTS: 7 Brackets
  1. 3 stand brackets
  2. 4 stovetop brackets
  3. 1 hose & regulator
  • Remove hose & regulator from plastic *Please read warning label attached to hose*
  • Connect hose & regulator: remove plastic cover from threaded connection
  • Hand thread brass fitting on hose to burner connection; tighten with wrench (wrench not included)
  • Stand: each bracket has two (2) hooks; insert into slots on bottom of burner; straight cross piece bracket connects larger bracket pieces together
  • Stovetop: two (2) “U” brackets; two (2) curved brackets connect “U” brackets; small hooks go into top of burner first; “U” brackets are attached as second step

Propane Lighting

  • Push in on knob
  • Turn counterclockwise until clicks
  • Release knob after click
  • Knob is on HIGH in this position
  • ¼ turn counterclockwise is LOW setting (6 o’clock position)
  • Remove protective mold and plastic wrapping
  • Lift handle of oven to remove from box
  • Remove contents individually
  • Stone holder (foam sheet) includes bearings, race (grooved washer)
  • Pizza cutter
  • Black resin door handle with screw
  • Stone: keep wrapped in foam until inserted into stove as final step

Oven Assembly

  • Place oven on end/upright position
  • Extend legs fully for pellet burner and turn outward
  • Legs will remain folded in half for propane burner
  • Lift back of oven to align hole over burner of choice
  • Installing the electric motor; Hanger hooks at top; hole turned towards back of unit; slide motor into place; hangs below oven
  • Bearings; Place flat side of race washer in bottom of oven over the hole in the center, place the bearing on the race washer, thread the spindle to the stone holder; flip it over so spindle is pointing down; hold race and bearings in place; place stone holder through hole and into top of electric motor; spin to engage/align into electric motor
  • Stone placement: remove from packaging; carefully line up both indentions on stone with stone holder; stone all the way towards back; rest on oven floor by tilting front fully to line up back stud first and then front stud
  • Oven Door: remove screw from black resin handle; place screw through from the back of door toward front with threads showing; black resin handle attaches to screw; hand tighten
  • Insert three (3) hooks of chimney into three (3) notches on top of oven; turn counterclockwise to secure
  • Top hook of door fits into a slot on top of oven to secure it by hanging closed



  • Allow to completely cool before using cover
  • Remove door and chimney to cover stove
  • Seam in back
  • Expand using zipper to cover legs completely
  • Elastic tie will tighten cover around unit