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How to Make a Perfect Room Temp Dough Ball for pizza?

How to Make a Perfect Room Temp Dough Ball for pizza?

Summer same-day dough recipe – around 7-8 hour fermentation at 30°C-86°F

Using baker’s percent and grams only!


Flour (bread flour, all-purpose flour, 00 flour) 100% - 500g

Water 60 to 65% - 300 to 325g

Salt 2 to 2.5% - 10 to 12.5g

Instant Dry Yeast 0.1 to 0.2% - 0.5 to 1g 


Mix everything by hand until there are no more dry parts or lumps.

Let it rest at RT (room temperature) 15-20mn, do a series of folding, repeat once.

Bulk ferment 1 to 3 hours then make three 250g-dough balls.

Let it proof at RT until it doubled or tripled in size and before it starts to over-ferment and deflate.


Note: 250g is a standard; but you can absolutely make four 200g-dough balls if you want a thin crust while using a rolling pin for instance; or up to 280g per dough ball do you don’t want the leftover dough for a “pizzetta”.

Tip: for such a high baking temperature (400°C -750°F and above) it’s better to use an unmalted flour. Malt will indirectly bring more sugar to the dough which will result in a caramelization of the crust (meaning better coloring); which is interesting for lower baking temperatures where crust needs more time to color.

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